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If you ask us, you can’t even be considered the best brunch in Phoenix AZ if you don’t offer bottomless mimosas -- or at least some variation of a best-bang-for-your-buck boozy breakfast beverage bargain. But it’s not that we think that brunch is a meal that is meant to be enjoyed, and then “forgotten.”

We don’t want to go overboard. This isn’t a “best blackout brunch” testimonial. There’s just something liberating about not feeling limited. And brunch is at its core about being able to let go, relax, and enjoy the morning glory of the weekend one last time in earnest before the work week begins anew. Mimosas are a festive way to make that happen.

Where can you find the best of the best? Here's our travel guide to our fave mimosas in Phoenix for your bottomless brunch:

Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails

The bottomless mimosa is just a few bucks more than a single flute. Pair it with the seasonal food offerings, and you’re ready to go. And Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails take their cocktails seriously. The website doesn’t profile the chef -- it profiles the head bartender. His name is Phil. So it might be worth checking out one of their other signature handcrafted cocktails on the brunch menu.

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Don’t just come here for the drinks. Come for Ocotillo’s environment. The outdoor seating areas especially. There’s the chef’s garden. The beer garden. Lucy’s lawn. We don’t know who Lucy is, but we like her lawn. The food has that special Arizona flare. And while the mimosas might not technically be bottomless, they offer them by the pitcher. If you can get to the bottom of a pitcher of mimosas by yourself, our hat is off to you.

Bliss Rebar

Bliss Rebar place is just “phun.” They offer “Sunday Phunday” brunch on both Saturday and Sunday. Again, not a bottomless mimosa joint, per se, but for $12 a bottle, they’ll bring you the champagne and orange juice to make your own mimosa. So if your idea of a mimosa is mostly champagne with just a splash of OJ instead of the other way around, well then so be it. Still lit by the time 9pm rolls around on Sunday? Use that liquid courage to belt out a few tunes at their Karaoke Kraziness.

So go out and “plop plop fizz fizz.” No, that’s not the sound of Alka Seltzer. That’s the sound of you and your best pal sitting down to enjoy some sparkly libations for your boozy brunch. Let us know your favorite Phoenix restaurants with killer deals on mimosas and bloody marys and other brunch offerings on Facebook or Instagram. And to learn more great brunch spots and other opportunities around Roosevelt Row, follow our blog here!

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