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In the heat of the Phoenix sun, keeping cool is the name of the game. And when it comes to cool, nothing is cooler than a cold beer. And these days, we are living in a golden era of craft brews. An industry formerly dominated by mass-produced swill from the major manufacturers. (We're not naming names...) But now, microbreweries are springing up right and left. No more are you stuck with just ordering a beer and taking whatever Wisconsin import you are handed. You can now dive headfirst into a world of citrusy hefeweizens, hoppy IPAs, dark and luscious stouts. Check out these Phoenix breweries and enjoy a carefully crafted beer right from the source.

State 48 Brewery

This family owned and run business is a celebration of all things Arizona! Named after Arizona's place in the order of the states admitted to the Union, State 48 Brewery is the beer dream of a family that has a long history of running restaurants in Phoenix. They've got 20 beers on tap (19 brewed in house) and another 35 in the can/bottle. From the Kolsch to the Porter and everything in between, each beer is crafted with care and passion. 

Mother Bunch Brewery

Since opening in 2014, Mother Bunch has been a family affair. They are owned and run by husband/wife dynamic duo Julie Meeker and Jimmie McBride. Even their website is run by Jimmie's daughter. While the operation may be relatively small, their impact has been big! Mother Bunch has been featured multiple times in the Arizona Republic, the Phoenix New Times, and more. The tap list is impressive and they even feature delicious beer cocktails. which you just don't see much of anymore. 

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Phoenix Ale Brewery

The Phoenix Ale Brewery comes with the highest brewing pedigree on this list. It was the Phoenix baby of two men with decades of experience in the brewing game: Greg “Fretzy” Fretz and George Hancock. George was the former owner of the legendary Pyramid Brewing in Seattle. Fretzy was a veteran of Pyramid and another big name in the craft beer world, Deschutes Brewing. These two men came together to create a new brewery and taproom in a warehouse near the airport. they have both since passed away, but their legacy lives on in The Phoenix Ale Brewery. While the name does specify a certain type, they also offer IPAs and Porters to add some variety!

Pull up a stool and sit down at the bar, cause these fine craft brews are going to make you want to stay a while! Do you have another favorite Phoenix brewery? Let us know on Facebook and Instagram, and be sure to follow our blog here for Phoenix fun! 

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