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Museums are an excellent way to spend a free afternoon, whether you’re looking for a nice date spot or a cool place to take the kids after school.  Museums aren’t just filled with art, however—there are museums of all kinds, shapes, and sizes, and some of Phoenix’s coolest museums are of the non-art variety.

 If you’re looking for a fun, affordable way to spend a day this weekend, we recommend checking out one of these three awesome museums in Downtown Phoenix.

Arizona Science Center

Those of us who grew up here probably went to the Arizona Science Center when we were younger, whether on a field trip or as some kind of after-school activity.  If you haven’t been in a few years, you’re missing out! They have a mirror maze right now that’s an absolute blast, in addition to their more permanent installations (like the Forces of Nature exhibit, or the American Airlines Flight Zone).  Our personal favorite thing at the Science Center is, of course, the Dorrance Planetarium, where you can take a breathtaking virtual tour of the solar system. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday!

Phoenix Police Museum

If you’re a fan of law enforcement (or just generally interested in the history of our great city), then The Phoenix Police Museum is the place for you.  The museum tells the story of Phoenix’s law enforcement over its entire 130-year history, using a variety of tools (including several actual historic police vehicles) to bring that story to life.  Admission is free (although they are run by a non-profit, so we suggest you donate what you can!), and the museum itself is incredibly well run. A must-visit for locals and newcomers alike!


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Wells Fargo History Museum

The Wells Fargo History Museum is one of several scattered across the western half of the United States.  The one in Phoenix is particularly interesting, as it goes into detail about some of Arizona’s earlier history and makes that detail feel alive with a variety of state artifacts from the early 19th century.  The stagecoach is particularly magical! There’s also a cool scavenger hunt, which is a great way to entertain the kids while you peruse the other exhibits.

Wherever your interests lie, Phoenix has the museum for you!  Check out one of these three amazing local museums for a few hours of educational, affordable fun. And if there is a fun, unique museum we missed, let us know on  Facebook or Instagram.

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