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Breakfast is great. Dinner is delightful. Lunch is pleasant enough. But everyone knows that the real "most important meal of the day" is dessert. Creamy ice cream, buttery baked goods, sweet sugary goodness... It's one of the best parts of living in modern times! Lucky for you, Phoenix has some incredible dessert offerings to satisfy even the pickiest sweet tooth. Check out one of the best Phoenix dessert spots around Downtown.

Urban Cookies Bakeshop

This little family-owned bakeshop is putting out some of the best cookies you've ever tasted. Urban Cookies bakes perfect confectionary creations that are perfect for gifts or just for a perfect snack. The gourmet cookies are made from scratch with organic cane sugar and no artificial additives, colors and preservatives. The owners of Urban Cookies are committed to strong community involvement, and help provide job training and business management tips to local at-risk teens. So you know your money will go towards a socially compassionate company! They have been featured on Rachel Ray, "The Great American Chocolate Chip Cookies Book" by Carolyn Wyman, and were ranked the best bakery in Arizona by They also won Food Network's Cupcake Wars. Oh, did we not mention they also make AMAZING cupcakes? Our bad...

Novel Ice Cream

In case you hadn't noticed, Phoenix is pretty dang warm. Almost always. Which means ice cream is a good choice year round! And there is no better ice cream around than Novel Ice Cream. You will find flavors at Novel that you won't find anywhere else because they always strive to be, well, novel in their approach to ice cream making. They have a core group of flavors that are always available, and then a rotating selection based on new ideas, fan input, and upcoming seasons and holidays. Grab a scoop of deliciousness!

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New Thanksgiving flavors! . Sweet Southern Candied Yam ➡ Sweet potato ice cream with candied pecans, marshmallow, cinnamon, and nutmeg - - This one. Is. Amazing. . Pumpkin Pie ➡ Whipped Midwest Peoria pie pumpkin, finely ground Graham cracker, cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice. . Thanksgiving. A day where we all agree eating food that looks like it came from Boston Market is patriotic and day-drinking on a weekday comes without friends and family feeling the need to secretly plan an intervention. . On this day it would make sense to burn a few extra calories, but instead we pour all of our effort into not putting effort into anything. . Laziness is king. The damage to the turkey population this week will only be exceeded by the amount of damage done to couch cushions by our collective behinds. And we're perfectly okay with that. . We believe that on the fourth Thursday in November velcro shoes should be worn without judgement, phones should be able to die with dignity because the charger is in the other room and we just sat down, and everyone should be able to use the motorized carts at the grocery store. . In fact, the only workout that should be allowed on this day is the exercising of verbal gymnastics required to avoid discussion of politics, religion, and the difference between a sauce and a gravy. Not in a virtuous effort to avoid conflict, but so we don't have to expend any energy defending our position that if gravy is a sauce then nacho cheese is merely chip gravy. . So here's to the blessed few who prepare four course meals while the rest of us exist in a nearby room doing our best impression of Frito from Idiocracy. . Sidenote: Did you know you have to start thawing a turkey the day BEFORE it's cooked? Patience is not a virtue belonging to us. We have literally decided to go to bed hungry because our microwavable meal required we stop microwaving it, stir its contents, and place it back into the microwave to microwave it some more. . Special shout out to the lazy person who named "Stuffing"... which is quite literally just named after the action performed while preparing it. . Eating ice cream at the big kids table all week long - except Thursday.

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Ollie Vaughn's

Ollie Vaughn's. Makes. Everything! Cookies, cinnamon rolls, pies, cakes, lemon bars, croissants, donuts, brownies... If it is baked, it's at Ollie Vaughn's! They are a spectacular choice for desserts but are also a solid breakfast and lunch option. With a wide and varied menu, they are a perfect place for a quick bite downtown. 

Snoh Ice Shavery

Did we mention it is warm in Phoenix? Nothing cools you down like ice, and the best way to eat ice is shaved. Snoh Ice Shavery puts a new spin on the classic Hawaiian favorite, shaved ice. Unlike plain old shaved ice places, they combine the "fluffy melt in your mouth texture of snow with the creamy flavorful taste of ice cream." So you are getting the best of both worlds! Dive into a rich bowl of creamy frozen goodness and let your troubles melt away. 

We'll leave it at those 4 places so you can have a chance to get started trying them all! Do you have a favorite dessert joint around Downtown Phoenix? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram and be sure to follow our blog here for more "best of" lists in Phoenix. 

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