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When you're looking for a fun way to spend an evening, there are always the old standbys: Netflix, movie theater, etc... Sure these are entertaining, but there is something so powerful about a live performance that leaves you with lasting memories. It may even change your perspective. Instead of spending another night on the couch in front of the tv, try getting out and enjoying a theater performance. You'll have a fantastic time, and you'll be supporting local artists and small business. Here are some of the best opportunities in downtown Phoenix to take advantage of the live theater scene. 

Arizona Theater Company

Arizona Theater Company is the only major professional regional theater company to be split between two cities, Phoenix and Tucson. In Phoenix, performances are produced in the beautiful Herberger Theater Center. They produce a season of 6 shows every year that present a varied theater experience. They focus on classic works, musicals, and often present world premieres of new works. You might see The Music Man one month and an avante garde piece the next. 

Space 55

At Space 55, you'll see shows like nothing you will see anywhere else. They specialize in what they call "off-kilter theater." They are not afraid to take on controversial subject matter, but they present it in a way that is still entertaining to the casual theatergoer. Since 2006 they have been providing quality productions at affordable prices to ensure they are accessible to everyone. Space 55 frequently features the original works of local playwrights, monologists, and musicians. 

Great Arizona Puppet Theater

Puppets have been a staple of theater since the 5th century BCE. And at the Great Arizona Puppet Theater, they have mastered the art. They offer puppet shows for children of course, but they also have an adult show that will have you in stitches! There is nothing funnier than puppets behaving badly, as the master, Jim Hensen, was well aware. He and the other puppeteers used to make hilarious, inappropriate jokes with the Muppets between takes on his movies and tv shows. And Great Arizona Puppet Theater continues in that tradition!

Live theater is an important part of the overall health of a community. Get out when you can and support a theater company near you. Everybody wins! Do you have a favorite theater company around Downtown Phoenix that we missed? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram. And be sure to follow our blog here for more happenings around Phoenix! 

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