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Whether you like it neat or on the rocks, as a shot or in a cocktail, whiskey is one of the quintessential beverages that make it great to be an adult! It is smooth and hot and stings in the best way going down. It's also a major cultural touchstone of the Old West, of which Arizona was a major part. To this day, whiskey is a favorite for sipping, shooting, and mixing. And finding a good place to indulge your whiskey fancies is a big win. That's where we come in. Here are our favorite whiskey bars in Downtown Phoenix. 

Bar Bianco

Bar Bianco is a passion project of James Beard Award-winning Chef Chris Bianco. While primarily known for its vast wine selection, Bar Bianco also boasts an impressive variety of whiskeys. The setting is also a selling point, as it is housed in the Thomas House, a home built in 1909 situated in historic Heritage Square. Sidle up to a table and enjoy an Elijah Craig Old Fashioned or a High West Double Rye neat. 

Old Fashioned

Carly's Bistro

As we do live in the Roosevelt Row Arts District, it would be a crime to not have a whiskey bar with some authentic Roosevelt Row art in it! Carly's Bistro is lined with artwork by local artists, which perfectly complements the unique whiskey drinks on hand. The cocktail that, more than anything else, puts Carly's on this list is the Whiskey Sangria, winner of the Phoenix New Times' award for Best Sangria in Phoenix. This innovative combo of whiskey and wine provides the perfect blend of fruitiness and earthiness that has made the drink a legend in Phoenix. The splash of Sprite adds a refreshing bit of fizz that will keep you coming back for more!

Seamus McCaffrey's Irish Pub

Another winner in the Phoenix New Times list, this time for Best Irish Pub, Seamus McCaffrey's is the place to go for all your Irish and Scotch Whiskey needs. Pair your whiskey with Irish favorites like corned beef & cabbage or shepherd's pie. With more than 150 whiskeys to choose from, there will be something to suit every taste and budget. This is a great place to try whiskey's you've never had before! Plus, you get to enjoy the lively atmosphere of a classic Irish Pub!

Whether you're an old pro with whiskey or you're just diving into the complex world of this brown spirit, Phoenix has you covered. Do you have another favorite spot downtown to enjoy a glass of whiskey? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram, and be sure to follow our blog here for more Phoenix tips!

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